Categories & Awards

You may submit in one or two of these sections

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Main Competition


Whenever you submit a short film under a specific category in the Main Competition, your short will be in competition with other short films from the same category. The nominees will be announced quarterly.

•    Best Drama Short 
•    Best Comedy Short 
•    Best Horror Short 
•    Best LGBT Short 

•    Best Disability Short
•    Best Action Short 
•    Best SCI-FI Short 
•    Best Animation Short 
•    Best Documentary Short 
•    Best Experimental Short
•    Best Mobile Short

•    Best No Word Short
•    Best 1-Minute Short
•    Best Student Short 
•    Best Dance Film
•    Best Music Video 

Film Craft Awards


You can submit in other categories to compete for a Film Craft Award (FCA) in the category you want. This section recognizes film professionals for their filmmaking achievements. The nominees will be announced quarterly.

•    Film Directing
•    Cinematography
•    Sound Design
•    Film Editing
•    Original Music Score 
•    Female Acting
•    Male Acting

Annual Competition


The winners of each category can get a nomination in the Annual Competition for the "Best Short Film" award.

Nominees & Winners


All nominees will get our official laurel and winners will get our official laurel and a digital certificate. The results will be announced publicly on this website.

How it works?


► You submit your short film.

► The nominees of each category are announced in the end of the season you have submitted - Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

(that's why there are quarterly nominees)

► In the end of the year the Play Short announces the winner of each category.

(Best Drama, Best Documentary, Film Directing, Cinematography, etc)

► Some of these winners are qualified to be in the Annual Competition for Best Short Film award.

(the short films in the annual competition are screened the next year)

► The winner of Best Short Film award is announced.





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