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Rules & Terms

You must read before submitting your short film

1. It will be considered fiction, animation, documentary, experimental and mobile short films.

Dance films and music videos will be considered as well;

2. All non-English language films must have English subtitles;

3. Short films must be submitted via online screener;

4. Short films may not exceed 30 minutes in length;
5. Short films submitted under the "1-Minute Short" category may not exceed 1 minute in length (without credits);
6. All entries submitted under the "No Word Short" category must have no dialogues / voice-over;
7. Short films must have been completed after January 1, 2017;
8. There is no limit on the number of films that each director or producer can submit;
9. Student I.D. is required for entries under the “Student Short” category;
10. All entries must have a synopsis, trailer and crew list;
11. Written comments or press kits describing entries are beneficial (optional);
12. All entries will be notified about the selection via email;
13. The jury will decide the nominees and the award winning short films in each category. Some categories may not get any nomination if the short films do not match with the selection criteria;
14. Nominees will get our official laurels;
15. Winners will get our official laurels and a digital certificate;
16. Winners of each category are able to get in the Annual Screening;
17. The directors and producers of the films submitted declare that they hold the rights of all intellectual forms of expression of third parties contained in their films;
18. All directors and producers give us the right to screen their short films;
19. Short films from the Annual Screening will receive a film screening permission form. It must be signed and sent back under penalty of being disqualified;
20. All directors and producers allow us to use press materials and trailers from their films for promotional purposes;
21. Entries can be disqualified if they don't match with our submission rules;
22. Entry fees are non-refundable;
23. The event organizers can change the rules and terms anytime;
24. The submission of the short films results in acceptance of this regulation.

Our selection criteria

The selection criteria takes into account the short films which exhibit artistic excellence in screenplay, filming technique and editing;


► The narrative coherence and the way it's being told (writing and directing);

► The use of cinematography and sound as storytelling tools (cinematography and sound design); 

► The authenticity, accuracy and reliability in the performance by the actors while portraying characters (acting);

► The consistency and believability on creating an emotional connection with the viewer (editing).

If your short film matches this criteria you are more than able to submit it and be in the competition you choose (Main Competition and / or Film Craft Awards section). The winners of each category are able to get included in the Annual Competition.

If you agree with the rules & terms above and your short film matches with our selection criteria, so you are able to submit


- Synopsis;

- Online Screener;

- Director's Biography;

- Studend I.D. if your short is submitted in the Student Short category.

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